The Beauty of the Body

We believe that the power that made the body, heals the body and we promote natural healing.  At York Family Chiropractic we focus on mending your body so that you can get the most of your life and live pain & stress FREE. 

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A Curing Craft

At York Family Chiropractic, you can expect a highly trained doctor and staff who has one goal in mind: to help you and your family reach and maintain your health potential. While other doctors choose to limit their scope of practice to pain relief only, our goal is to detect and eliminate root causes of health problems that you may be suffering from now and towards in the future.



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Why Chiropractic

Our bodies experience a variety of pains and ailments, especially as we age.  

However, more often than not many of these pains have a simple cure. 


nearly 80% of people experience some sort of pain related to their back in their lifetime 

and often the pain can be quickly helped with simple, natural and effective methods.

With over 15 years experience, we can help you find a solution to your ongoing problem(s).

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The Body

Care at York Family Chiropractic doesn't just involve the spine, we care for your entire body to maximize your living potential.

We Commonly see people with these complaints;

the lower back pain, the neck pain, the spinal issues and the foot problems

 Click on each picture to see how we help you feel better in each area. 



The spine is the centre point of your body and the highway of your nervous system. We focus on resolving joint inflammation and reducing pain with proven techniques.



Our adjustments give comfort and freedom of movement but relieved headaches as well. clearing your mind and muscles. 


Lower Back.

The lower back is the support column of your body. We apply expert movements to make sure that your back gets the best care that it deserves.



The foot is rich with nerve endings and is senstive. Pain in this area can spread to your whole body. We give the best custom foot orthotics to free your feet. 

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How YOU heal

Chiropractic care is a process that helps you reach your health potential. Here at York Family Chiropractic we re-align your body to its best form. This improves the physiology of your entire system so that you can feel better from the ground up, the most natural way possible. 

Here are the 5 simple steps in which we help you heal and relieve pain naturally (without drugs or surgery).

1. Listen.

The first and most important step is to listen. Our consultation strives to understand you and your body. We want you to feel listened.

2. Study.

After listening, we study and come up with a plan of action to correct your health concerns and problems. We find the root cause of the issues, and determine the best way for you to become healthy again.

3. Guide .

The doctor(s) will outline the best course of care to become healthy and to start living a pain free life as quickly as possible. 

4. Care.

Chiropractic Doctors' with over 15 years experience will begin to remove the pressure off the nerves, allowing your body to function as a whole again. We will ensure that you are in the trusting hands of York Family Chiropractic.

5. Self-Responsibility.

We will guide you and help you reach a level of health you have never experienced before. We will give you the tools to stay in that state of health and guide you for the rest of your life. 



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There are many questions that new patients (and even frequent ones) have about chiropractic care.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions. We've addressed them below and we hope that you will find the answers to the questions that you had in mind. We'd be happy to tell you more in person or by phone or email. Let's find out if chiropractic care is right for you!


What can I expect?

Is it safe?

Do I need a referral?

Am I guaranteed to be healed?

you can expect great and wonderful things :)

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